Morgana dress


Classic long wrappingdress with short sleeves and pockets!


This dress has a classic comfortable silhouette but still gives you that wonderful flowy feeling.


You can tie the fabric at the front or the back to accentuate your waist.


Suitable for any event or just to feel beautiful.


This is my first dress ever designed! This design is from 2018 and I wanted to create a comfy beautiful wrapping dress just because I love wrappingdresses. I'm sure you will know what I am talking about. After two years of making this dress I stopped making this design but the women that came to my shop last year bought all the remaining ones from 2018 and 2019. They loved it so much that I could'nt resist making this design again. But this time I added pockets!


The front parts of the upper body have double layers of fabric so you can wear it without a bra if you do so desire. 


Available in soft handwoven, hand dyed gorgeous handloom Ikat cotton fabric and soft Mul Mul cotton. Some of the MulMul cotton is duo tone, that means that there is a gorgeous second coloured shine to the fabric.


This year I bought a lot of handloom fabric which took months for the weavers to weave, in fact it wasn't even all there when I was in India to create the collection in December even though I already ordered it in September.While ikat is a traditionally woven fabric of India, it has found its place in the fashion world like no other. Known for its intricate weaves, vibrant colours and excellent quality fabric. Today you will find Ikat fabric in great demand to make Ikat cotton dresses, jackets, coats, Ikat loungewear and much more.

You will fall in love with this soft beautiful fabric at first sight!



Length: suitable from 1.65 m. When you're not this tall you can decide to shorten the dress by yourself or your local tailor.

He or she will be happy with the work and you have a tailormade dress just for you.


S/M will fit up to size 40 and bustsize C, L/XL will fit up to size 46 and bustsize E.

Attention; the colours may differ a little from real life but we tried to photograph the colours as best as possible.

Keep in mind that each dress, skirt or top is handmade and may differ in the way patterns are shown in the dress, top or skirt. Each piece is therefore unique!

Because we want your new beautiful dress, skirt or top to stay beautiful, we recommend you to wash it cold on wool programme seperately. Do not put it in the dryer but let it dry in the air.