Who are we?


Just a girl with a obsession for beautiful flowy skirts, dresses and fabric. You will probably relate to my obsession otherwise you wouldn't be here.


This type of clothing is, as you know, impossible to find in a regular mainstream shop. So six years ago I decided to put everything I ever wanted in a dress in a personal brand and with a lot of help of my husband Thomas, friends and family, A'Bhandia was born. 


I named it A'Bhandia because it means The Goddess in Gaelic.


Still growing and figuring out all this webshop and marketing stuff but immensely enjoying our clothes and the joy it brings to all the women that already own a A'Bhandia dress.


I really hope these skirts and dresses will bring you as much joy as it does us or even more!


My intention always is to bring your inherent beauty to the surface,  where you can see you in your most feminine form guiding you to feel you in your most feminine form;


Embracing your inner Goddess

in all of Her forms


A'Bhandia is a community centered brand and that means that everybody that comes in contact with A'Bhandia will benefit in the way he or she needs to benefit. I want A'Bhandia to be a center of love, creativity, beauty and in service to eachother.


Hop in!


If you live in the neighbourhood we'd love to show your all our beautiful dresses in person. Personal contact is always the best!


You can touch the fabric, try different colours, sizes and models.


Contact us and make it a day out, come and visit us alone or with friends or family.

We love to get to know our clients and we'll welcome you with coffee or tea.


You're not obligated to buy anything in any way!

If you want to make an appointment or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Social Media


Ofcourse you can follow us on social media to follow the latest news, sales or festivals we will visit.


You can also see many more pictures and videos of the collections on Facebook and Instagram to get inspiration.